Planning and Design

Starting a new project can be the hardest part. Through open discussion and brainstorming we will make your vision a reality.


Initial Design Phase

This phase transforms an idea photo or sketch into a solid plan of action. We work closely with our clients to ensure that no details are overlooked and the initial designs are fully represented in the future plans.


Modelling Phase

After the initial design phase is complete we’ll render a 3D model of the new space. This entails making a digital plan that will allow you to see your project take shape and show the options that will be available to you.


Finishing, Rendering, Plotting

The final phase consists of adding the finishing touches to a project and sampling what they might look like in renders. This is when colours, textures, and fixings can be selected and viewed. This is also the phase when the prints of the project can be made and after that construction is ready to begin!



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